30 Days of Biking #1

…and in not unrelated news, I have taken the 30 Days of Biking Pledge. Not unrelated, because my bike is actually out of action right now, and my normal reaction would be to not bother since I can’t start on the first day. Also I haven’t cycled for over two months due to a scary fall in January (hot on the heels of a less scary one the week before), and will stop again if I feel I am really too much of a klutz to ever be a safe cyclist.

But in the spirit of Grit, I have decided to ignore perfectionism and pessimistic competitiveness and sign up anyway, if only as extra motivation to get cycling again this month, which I meant to do anyway, get the bike sorted out asap (aiming for tomorrow), and get into the habit of writing a bit every day, something I’ve meant to do for the longest time.

So here’s entry number one of my 30 Days of Biking: they will be starting fashionably late.


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