Couch to 5k Week 8 #1

One of the many advantages of part-time work is being able to largely schedule runs according to the hourly weather forecast. Today was a perfect example of this – I enjoyed the sunshine if not the hated fitness activity.

Having cycled to the park (see previous post), I did wonder idly (inasmuch as one can do something idly while jogging) what would happen if I saw someone nicking my bike from across the lake. I certainly didn’t feel I had it in me to sprint at a speed anywhere near sufficient to catch up with them, which reinforced my determination to focus on speed rather than endurance or distance once I finish Couch to 5k. I don’t think crossing the lake would be sensible though. Aside from the fact I have no idea how deep it is, it’s been looking very mucky of late, with one section of it appearing practically solid.

Funny sight of the day: dreadlocked young man who had been gazing profoundly, sitting by the upper path, ending his contemplation with a standing selfie. I shouldn’t mock, it’s not as if I’ve never taken a “check me out being all at one with nature and shiz” snap.

old author selfie

Cornwall 2012 – The Sunset Bench, Port Isaac

Best sight of the day: ducklings!! Having cycled there meant no photo embargo, as I could take them afterwards, without interrupting the run. However, it was so incredibly bright that I couldn’t see what I was photographing with my budget Android phone. Reason to schedule a trip back with the proper camera sooner rather than later.


Duck and ducklings in Eastville Park lake

Must get better photos of these cuties




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