30 Days of Biking #5 – Zoom Zoom

No need to invent a ride today – days like this are a perfect example of why I took up cycling in the first place, namely getting around the city more quickly than I could any other way.

I got everything done on my “to do outside the house” list, and on time in spite of leaving the house an hour later than planned due to my last minute decision to include a photo in need of TLC with my Nectaria post.

First a trip to the bank, where I found a cheeky fellow cyclist had decided not to bother with the lock/unlock faff.



photo of KCMB goji balls

Lots of delicious-looking baked goods on offer, but as this is a self-improvement blog I thought I’d show only the one that is essentially a health food: goji, cacao, coconut, date & pumpkin seed balls

Then a visit to the Kind Cakes Mean Bakes‘ stall at the Full Moon Market for a scrummy lunch, indulgent but gluten-free (I’m an intolerant type), and a quick natter with friends.

Finally, I was five minutes early for this month’s Bristol Photography Group social at Be.In on Whiteladies Road. The ride up there was good practice for cycling to work again next week. On Thursday morning, there were nine bikes in the designated area of the train (official max is two); awkward, I’d rather pedal uphill.

No Proper Bike Parking facilities near Be.In, so I ended up using a signpost.

The venue was nice in a hipsterish sort of way; not particularly vegan-friendly (so I was glad I’d eaten, and well). In the course of a very pleasant hour and a bit with much more advanced fellow amateur photographers, I established that I really must get my head round masks and feathering in Photoshop.


Almost yielded to the temptation to get the train back as I was carrying my Proper Camera and by the time I left it was raining, but reminded myself I really needed the exercise after gorging on KCMB‘s goods… Another of the reasons I took up cycling!


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