Happy birthday week, Nectaria!

No Zumba today – our lovely instructor Nectaria Pospori has been whisked away for the week-end as a well-deserved birthday treat. Of course her Saturday fan club is bereft.

I have another post in the works about why I love Zumba so much, but on this occasion I’ll focus on why I love Nectaria’s classes:

  • The warmest welcome you could imagine, every time.
  • Fun choreographies led with obvious enjoyment and boundless energy.
  • Clear instructions delivered via a simple but effective set of words and gestures.
  • A diverse following with a fun-loving hardcore group who whoop and sing along to selected bits.
  • That infectious smile!

Altogether an uplifting experience that’s been well worth giving up my usual Saturday lie-in since September last year.

Photo of Nectaria Pospori leading a Zumba class at Malcolm X Centre, Bristol

One of the least bad pictures I took last year when trying to document a class without a tripod, crudely edited.


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