30 days of biking #6 – This piggy drove to market

Shopping baskets full of fruit and veg

I added a couple of parsnips and two large leeks after taking the pic (but forgot carrots). £22 all told.

Toyed with the idea of doing my customary Sunday morning shop by bike, but couldn’t work out satisfactory logistics. Aside from the weight considerations (including >70 portions of fruit and veg), what to do with my market haul while getting bits and bobs from other places on the way back? Including any essential produce that may have been missing from the market that day, hence the order of business. Today it was blueberries. A couple of months into my Weight Loss and Fitness Drive of 2013, I realised that a. I could not afford to stay organic given the quantities of fruit and veg I now needed and b. I was wasting too much time fragmenting my days with frequent food shopping. Hence switching to comprehensive once-weekly, bargain-centred excursions (often the only driving I do all week), fitting in specialist requirements whenever most convenient (e.g. popping into the Better Food Company yesterday while in its vicinity for the raw sauerkraut that keeps my delicate tummy happy – top tip for anyone with digestive issues). I’ll study shopping habits of no-car hardcore cyclists and see if there’s room for manoeuvre in future, but for today, having nowhere else to cycle to, I resorted to the bike-to-run stratagem again for pledge purposes. Don’t think I’ll stick with that in the future though as I’m finding it quite time-inefficient.


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