30 Days of Biking #10 – Say “gears”!

  • Felt a stronger sense of achievement from my front tyre still holding up three days on than when I actually carried out the puncture repair.
  • Didn’t enjoy the D-lock malfunction, especially as I was already running late for work. I expect the expert’s recommendation would be a squirt of GT-85.
  • Realised that one slightly regrettable side-effect of cycling instead of walking is that I’ve been neglecting Instagram.
  • A positive side-effect, however, is less food-based temptation, as stopping at Cafe Kino, the Radford Mills shop or Holland & Barrett’s for a tasty snack on the way home becomes a faff when mount/lock/unlock/dismount need be involved.
  • Was reminded of an oddity, which is that in the UK’s supposed smiliest city (admittedly the survey is 11 years old), which prides itself on its vibrant cycling community, I find absolutely no sense of bike camaraderie at red lights. Either my fellow pedal-powered travellers are much too focussed to look anywhere but forward, or something about me makes them want to avoid eye contact in case I follow them home screaming “we’re best friends now Dave!!“.

I don’t think I look like this.


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