30 Days of Biking #11 and Couch to 5k Week 8 #3

Photo of old inner tube used as bungee cords on pannier rack

Cunning use of old inner tube as permanent bungee replacement. Not sure what the derelict carrier bag is in aid of.

Short and not so sweet biking today – another day of much to do at home and nowhere to go, so another attempt at bike-to-run. Only, halfway to the park, I realised I’d left my bike locks keys at home. The reason for that was taking my spare house keys rather than my usual bunch, as that had knocked against my leg unpleasantly during my previous run. I turned back and, as I was running out of daylight, just ran there and back rather than try to find another key solution. Please accept this photo of bike admin cunningness spotted the other day as compensation for lack of my own.

Looking back at the previous run, I really hated it, and not just because of the keys. Maybe because I didn’t have a proper rest the day before. Zumba had been great fun as usual though – wish that was the only exercise I needed to get the shape I’m after and that I could afford to do more of it. Still, unpleasant as it is, running is visibly improving my body, and if I keep doing it I may even one day have buns so tight* I will no longer feel the need to hide them under a jacket tied around my waist with keys in its pocket knocking against my by-then rock-hard thighs*. That’s the plan anyway.

*Yes, I realise this will probably require lots of squats, lunges and star jumps too.


P.S. Couch to 5k Week 9 #1 went well though, see yesterday’s status.


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