30 Days of Biking 12 – Bristol to Bath Railway Path

I used the much loved Bristol to Bath Railway Path yesterday, for only the third time in my almost-year of cycling. Some people seem to think this is the only cycle path in Bristol, as a colleague’s confusion made me realise when I told her I use one to get to Eastville Park (the Bath one doesn’t go there).

This is a great way to get to Temple Quays (where I was going to another photography meetup) or the train station, but has its own set of perils – namely other cyclists! Some going very fast, some very slow (often in packs), yet others not keeping sufficient distance, one or two show-offs. Not that I think I was flawless – I almost caused a couple of collisions (both at the corner by Easton Leisure Centre) due to not exercising enough care. Mental note made that due to the erratic movements of the many species of cyclist to be found there on a Saturday brunchtime, special caution needs to be exercised.


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