Gazpacho Goop

Today’s smoothie: I went a bit crazy – sunstroke maybe, from the lovely walk to market via Arnos Vale cemetery in the midday sun. Or maybe I was just hungry and facing a delay in having a proper lunch.

Banana, papaya, pineapple, beetroot, avocado, dates, filtered water.

Unfortunately, this is the day the smoothie attachment on my food processor chose to die – not that it was completely unexpected as per yesterday’s hiccup and the fact it’s happened before. Turns out it hadn’t been the grapes – I could clearly see this time a slice of banana stuck in a blade. Fancy that, a smoothie maker that can’t handle banana!!

Not wanting to waste all that good stuff, but not fancying it in fruit salad form, I mushed it for 3 minutes in the soup bowl instead. It was OK but I might still buy myself an emergency smoothie maker today. Tefal have been very good so far with replacing, for free, the various bits that have failed since I bought the thing in July, but they do take a week or two to arrive.


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