30 Days of Biking #14 – D locked

Finally installed that bracket for my D-Lock, so it’ll now be rattling on the frame rather than weighing down the Permanent Pannier. It took a full two hours and a bit of help from Hattie and two Rach(a)els at Women’s Night. But I felt like I spent a satisfactory amount of time working alone, had a lot of my own ideas and was building on prior knowledge (such as the inner tube-bits-as-bracket-padding trick, which I taught someone else). I even attempted to help someone with a puncture and was able to direct people to various implements!

Mostly I felt I was learning patience, perseverance and dexterity. My bike seems to be a bit of a funny shape, so there was no straightforward location for the bracket, and it took a few proper tries to pick the best one as most included a risk of something getting caught in my trouser leg.

I left feeling more accomplished than usual at the end of a Monday night, even though this was a pretty minor job.

Photo of D Lock in bracket

That’s better


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