30 Days of Biking #16 – Face off

Pretty pleasant bike-to-run today. I thought I’d take the main road and try Veronica’s recommendation to treat the pedestrian crossing towards Eastville Park from Fishponds Road as I would any right turn, rather than awkwardly stop at a green light and wait. The light was red when I got to it though – too easy.

The park smelled delightfully sweet with undertones of cut grass. Even the cycle path I took on the way back wasn’t as pongy as it had been of late.

Just one awkward incident, another cyclist heading straight towards me on the island between the pedestrian crossings outside the park. We were both going very slowly and I thought I was doing the sensible thing by veering left a bit to avoid her, but she veered the same way. A nervous newbie panicking, an entitled madam expecting me to adapt my course to hers, or have I just not been informed that cyclist should pass each other according to the Continental Highway Code? Or perhaps she couldn’t take her eyes off me and as Veronica said, your body and your bikes go where you look.

Running selfie

Multitasking to the max – cycling to my run and doing some of my photography homework (theme: focus) on the move. Busy old week.


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