30 Days of Biking #18 and First “Solo” Run

Mental note: give street-cleaning vehicles a wide berth and hold breath while passing them *coughs* *splutters*.  Talking of breath issues, Eastville Park now poses a real risk of inhaling midges. Much as I love sunsets on that lake,  it may be time to seriously consider other running locations.

Wednesday was my last Couch to 5k Run, so yesterday I had a look at a few ideas stumbled upon or suggested to me so far for what to do next (the NHS 10k programme not being one, as my priorities are increasing speed and running while carrying extra weight rather than increasing distance or duration):

  1. Good gym: I like the idea of doing something useful (I’ve never really liked the idea of “exercise for the sake of it”, though I’ve come to accept it’s the only way to get the shape I want). I didn’t see any immediately attractive activity to latch onto (though am considering the bike ride next week-end). I’m also not sure running with others is for me (yet), after a rather unpleasant experience at an event last month that made me feel like the nerdy fat girl in PE all over again. I’ve joined their Facebook page though, and am keeping an eye on their activities.
  2. Zombies, run!: sounds like fun but falls foul of my current “only free things” rule. Not by much, so may try it if I get really bored, or when I’m working full time again.
  3. Parkrun: aside from suffering from the same “other people (runners!)” drawback of the Good Gym, these runs (at least the ones nearest to me) happen a 9:00 on Saturday morning, which is a bad thing in a variety of ways.

For yesterday I went with the simplest option: my own music overlayed with a free timer app to keep track of progress (are we nearly there yet?). A mixed bag of an experience, and not just because I didn’t have another human’s voice guiding and encouraging me any more.

On the one hand, I have much better musical taste than the NHS’ Laura; there may even have been some actual enjoyment in there thanks to the magic of music (and some naive leisurely walkers looking at me like I was some badass athlete – maybe it’s the cycling mitts).  On the other, there was faff and guesswork involved due to a poorly planned tracklist and relying on an interval training app for timing that stopped working twice (‘HIIT interval training timer’ by Giorgio Regni).  Will aim to do better on both counts next time – next app up for review is ‘Workout Timer’
by MedNotesMP.


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