30 Days of Biking #21 – Double D

April is when vitamin D is officially obtainable from the sun. So the silver lining of not currently being able to do all my shopping in one go is that I have instead been scheduling daily midday bike trips on non-working days. This makes the most of the best time of the day for vitamin D production and my trips are short enough not to have to worry too much about skin cancer (though of course I’d use sunscreen for prolonged exposure). Who knows, by the end of the summer I may even have one of those cyclist tans.


Looking for relevant information about the above, I stumbled upon a forum thread that was both informative and amusing (courtesy of a typo and one reaction to it) regarding how to avoid a sunburnt head while riding 


And in other D news, my rickety D lock bracket has failed even more quickly than I anticipated, dropping the heavy object onto the ground. Fortunately this happened as I was about to set off rather than while travelling. I’ll ask Dr Bike for advice on Wednesday (I couldn’t establish whether Women’s Night was on last night – bank holiday- and had too much to do at home for a potentially wasted trip). For now it’s back living in the Permanent Pannier.


I was off Lawrence Hill and St Philips way again, this time experimenting with the dedicated, shared and ambiguous pavements available along much of the high-speed channels. There are many possible combinations, so I expect it will take a few more trips before I establish a firm favourite route. Sadly there is no obvious alternative to the very blustery flyover towards Avon Meads Retail Park, which I think I’ll avoid on particularly windy days.


I’m both missing my car and enjoying playing at being more of a proper cyclist (complete yesterday with a 9-pack of loo-roll wrapped in a bin bag and bungee-tied to my pannier rack).



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