30 Days of Biking #25 – Busy busy

No time for a proper write-up today, so just a few phone snaps of the day’s bike-related activities.

photo of a bike locked to a Sheffield loop with various bits missing

Not what you want to see where you’re about to lock your precious ride

photo of bile trailers

Some of the Bristol Pedal Revolution trailers on show at the Create Centre starting yesterday. Other exhibits include a looooong bike with a bench in the middle for passengers, a sound system, washing and sewing machines (which will be used throughout the exhibition to make hi-vis flags), a paint-splattering contraption, and of course a smoothie-maker, all pedal-powered. Trailers should be available for a run round the block and/or “free hire” for the day from next week. Exhibition on until 23 May.

Photo of cyclists gathering in Bristol Centre

Not that Critical a Mass – Bristol’s “Critical Mass” gathering for this month. Apparently the London edition has been known to attract 1,000 cyclists. Perhaps this needs better marketing to attract more of Bristol’s sizeable biking community? Or to not be on a Friday night?


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