30 Days of Biking #27

Really didn’t feel like cycling yesterday. The rain, a few days’ worth of vague sore throat, a week’s manic flurry of activity and stiff long-underused muscles from Friday night’s kickboxing class all conspired to make this a perfect day for groggy wounds-licking reclusiveness in the warm and dry. But a pledge is a pledge, so I grumpily interrupted my “convalescence” to take a short trip to the Better Food Company for some treats (to add insult to injury, the item I really wanted was out of stock). In spite of the weather, almost all of the Sheffield hoops outside the shop were in full use. Go hardcore Bristolian cycling hippies.

Not that the day was entirely without self-improvement – I used my urge for stillness to read, sort and tidy away the ridiculous amount of Chrome tabs that open on my laptop every time I start the browser and had been slowing my digital life considerably.


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