30 Days of Biking #28

Yesterday was another day of not feeling like getting on the bike – more rain, still feeling rough, my brain started screaming this was just too dangerous. My Other Brain, however, reminded Ms Panic that a. I don’t need to feel like doing something in order to do it and b. I might actually feel better for doing it, thanks to the exercise in the fresh air as well as not breaking my Pledge c. all I had to do to make it safe was go as slow as I needed to. So what if I got a bit wetter a bit longer? Just a bit of water.

I actually felt better by the time I had to leave, largely thanks to a punch-packing first-smoothie-in-ages, having finally received my replacement blender jug in the morning.

And I was really glad I did get on my bike, as I enjoyed the delicious blossom smells exacerbated by the rain on the cycle path (perhaps I can recapture the love I used to have for rain, even now that in my old/cycling age I’ve learned to appreciate sunshine). And I was glad again as I enjoyed the evening’s edutainment (European election debate at the University’s Wills Memorial Building) and felt closest to the Green of all the candidates – glad of my suitably tribal gear and to not be getting into a car after the “show”.


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