Sports Tracker

Sports Tracker has been working better for me than Strava did, as it doesn’t lose time. However, a bug stops it communicating with the outside world (can’t share stats from my phone and others report the same problem on Google Play). In case you’d like to know, last three half-hour runs (+warm-up/warm-down walks): 6k, 4k (after a week’s break due to feeling rubbish), 5.9k today.

Another one of the app’s glitches is more endearing: a misplaced decimal point in the maximum speed figure. I doubt I reached 245.9 km/h today.

Maybe I should download Endomondo after all and attempt to take part in the European Cycling Challenge. So far it’s seemed like too much admin as my wheezy budget phone has a “one in, one out” policy for apps, and logging every bike journey feels like one faff too far.

And in related news, Faith No More’s “Digging the Grave” is particularly aptly named when used to run to.


2 thoughts on “Sports Tracker

  1. I use Endomondo to track my cycling workouts and have done for a while. In my opinion it is far better than Strava.


    • Finally got round to downloading and using it – see latest post 🙂 Definitely better than Strava so far, though haven’t tried sharing results yet (latest runs not terribly impressive).


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