“Change is the essential process of all existence.”*

Another month has swiftly slipped by (but then February does tend to do that more than most). Cutting it fine again to make my monthly post target – which I’ll choose to see as the exercise in writerly decisiveness and concision I have so far mostly failed to use Twitter for.

Mathematics is continuing its major contribution to me becoming the person I am meant to be, though it frustrates me when the rules appear illogical, asymmetrical, unfair and unrelatable to anything in life. My teacher has apparently taken such things as a self-improvement challenge for himself and has vowed to try and find me examples to bring the latest one of these maths-things-I-don’t-like to life.

Bike maintenance skills/confidence slowly but steadily progressing – this month, I managed to squeeze more rarefying drops of life out of my old bike’s old brakes on several occasions, all by myself.

Habits RPG is working out quite well, though proved counter-productive on one occasion – vainly scrambling to update tasks on an unresponsive app making me miss my early night target. Turned out to be a hiccup caused by a sudden onslaught of new memberships from a post somewhere popular. I ‘died’ once (lost a level and all my gold) for forgetting to update before midnight. Have since found out you can ‘sleep at the inn’ to not be penalised when actual life events such as holidays get in the way of your routine. Discipline is good, slack is also good.

*Quote from the poster person of logical thinking (apparently not an INTJ but close enough), Mr Spock, in Star Trek: The Original Series –RIP Leonard Nimoy


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