Back to the future

It occurred to me today that one of the difficulties of giving up old habits is how much they are your identity. Even if they’re not a part of it you like, the possibility of no longer ‘being you’ is frightening. It helps to be able to think of yourself as becoming a better version of yourself – you.2.


30 days of biking #22 – Hairwin

Not exactly vitamin D weather yesterday, but I was out of raw sauerkraut (my tummy’s best friend along with fizzy water), and a trip to the better Food Company in St Werburgh meant some practice with those devilish downhill hairpins. Nailed both of them, even the one on my “bad” side with panniers full of shopping 🙂 Priming myself by mentally repeating “I can do it”, bringing up images of all the people I see do this apparently effortlessly and, at the time of turning, listing the essential steps (easy gears, slow, wide, look, pedal) may have helped.

April is fulfilling its objectives as cycling + grit month by changing my thinking from avoiding things I find difficult to seeing them as opportunities to progress and feel good about it. Even running has got easier, which at week 8 of the Couch to 5k plan I thought would never happen. This is good.


So I have declared April Grit Month. I watched this TED talk and it confirmed things I already knew. This is not an April Fools, I mean it: this month, I will feel the urge to quit, ride the shitty wave of discouragement and then keep going like I’m back in my twenties hitting a punchbag with my Muay Thai instructor shouting encouragement. Well I’ll try anyway.