The uncluttering course started today. First task: identify the goals that will provide the motivation to power through the more difficult parts of the process, and pin them up somewhere you will see them every day.


Specific life circumstances led me to take the course in the first place, and I spontaneously started doing precisely this exercise last week by sticking pots-it notes carrying a motivation each into the appropriate notebook (yes, I have many notebooks, shush).

I added a few points inspired by the questions suggested in the assignment as a starting point, and figured a blog post would be a good place to organise them.


The vast majority of the post-its are about directly making things in my life immediately easier.

  • Routine things like always finding what I need¬†instantly because I know where it is and there aren’t piles of stuff to wade through to get to it.
  • Things that should be done regularly like cleaning or having friends¬†round.
  • Inconvenient things like repairs, catching a live rodent my cat has brought in, moving house.
  • Potential things like taking on a lodger.
  • Things that will happen one day like executors having to finalise my life.

Then there are indirect effects, like having more space (physical and mental) do pursue creative and development things, and being able to move somewhere smaller which will be easier to maintain.

More money

I’ve already mentioned moving somewhere smaller. Other than the lower maintenance, this would mean lower housing costs. This is only possible if I have less stuff (or spend a lot of money on storage) and sell my house at a good price, which means making it presentable.

A more far-fetched but not completely out-there potential side effect: better job prospects due to improved self-confidence (“I have my life together”), on top of the aforementioned development activities.

More money => less stress and vice-versa

The emptier my house, the more time I can spend outside of it! Because I no longer have to feel I should stay in and tidy and can’t afford to go anywhere anyway, only to procrastinate the weekend away and end up with a marginally better inside and serious lack of outside.

Lower housing costs mean more flexibility in terms of how much money I need to earn (and so potentially working fewer hours or in a less well-paid but more meaningful job).

I can also get fit without spending money by exercising at home if I have a vacant and clean floor surface.

The prompt I had more trouble with was about what kind of role model I want to be to my loved ones, because I don’t really have any such ambitions – I guess this is more relevant to parents and the like. But I do know I would like to be seen as someone who has their life together, and I would like to be/feel less needy – be in a position to help others at least as much as I need help.

Now I just need to turn all this into a pithy poster and an even pithier Facebook post to complete the assignment.